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US-9302335-B2: Method for producing a tube for a heat exchanger, in particular for a motor vehicle patent, US-9313693-B2: Communication apparatus, communication apparatus control method, and program patent, US-9324948-B2: Compound for organic optoelectronic device, organic light emitting diode including the same and display including the organic light emitting diode patent, US-9325456-B2: Method and apparatus for delayed recovery for block acknowledgement bursting in a wireless network patent, US-9404961-B2: System and method of determining light source aging patent, US-9476615-B2: Autonomous induction heat exchange method using pressure difference and gas compressor and heat pump using the same patent, US-9505610-B2: Device, system and method for providing MEMS structures of a semiconductor package patent, US-9535845-B2: Cache control device and cache control method patent, US-9542619-B2: Automatic image piling patent, US-9578462-B2: System and method for geography-based correlation of cellular and WLAN identifiers patent, US-9604565-B2: Wirelessly controlled heads-up display having solar charging and charge level indication patent, US-9606740-B2: System, method and computer program product for synchronizing data written to tape including writing an index into a data partition patent, US-9617567-B2: Use of sucrose as substrate for fermentative production of 1,2-propanediol patent, US-9625451-B2: Method for diagnosing chronic sinusitis patent, US-9626215-B2: Virtual machine provisioning engine patent, US-9647236-B2: Packaging method of organic light emitting display panel, organic light emitting display panel and display device patent, US-9659012-B2: Debugging framework for distributed ETL process with multi-language support patent, US-9720397-B2: Machine tool having warming-up function patent, US-9750009-B2: Method for transmitting information in a broadcast system patent, US-9786933-B2: Fuel cell module patent, US-9806610-B2: Noise-shaped power converters patent, US-9807816-B2: Method and device for performing control in WiFi network patent, US-9820160-B2: Method and apparatus for transceiving a contact verification signal in a wireless communication system patent, US-9866795-B2: System and method for interactive animations for enhanced and personalized video communications patent, US-9877400-B2: Flexible display device patent, US-RE38072-E: Fabrication method for AlGaInNPAsSb based devices patent, US-8607599-B1: Methods for validating participants in a pension insurance program patent, US-8656654-B2: Upper part for a shaft patent, US-8776479-B2: Anchoring in a construction model patent, US-8785522-B2: Low-permittivity resin composition patent, US-8793796-B2: Booting a device from a trusted environment responsive to device hibernation patent, US-8811296-B2: System and method for one-phase access in a communication system patent, US-8832202-B2: E-mail information management apparatus, and E-mail information management method patent, US-8835755-B2: Dye-sensitized solar cell, and electrode and laminated film for the same patent, US-8865054-B1: Method for manufacturing aluminum-titanate-based ceramic honeycomb structure patent, US-8881425-B2: System and method for drying wood products with recovered flue gas patent, US-8911056-B2: Electronic instrument and management method patent, US-8913741-B2: Method for performing a cryptographic task in an electronic hardware component patent, US-8914501-B2: Method, apparatus, and system for scheduling distributed buffer resources patent, US-8927154-B2: Lithium titanium oxide, method of preparing lithium titanium oxide, and lithium rechargeable battery including lithium titanium oxide patent, US-8987860-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-9018613-B2: Semiconductor memory device with a memory cell block including a block film patent, US-9028023-B2: Fluid ejection device and fluid ejection printer with a power amplifier stopping section patent, US-9059784-B2: Space based authentication utilizing signals from low and medium earth orbit patent, US-9097279-B2: Rotating shaft top cover attached motor patent, US-9134375-B1: Hierarchal test block test pattern reduction in on-product test compression system patent, US-9146446-B2: Auto focus control apparatus and continuous auto focus control method patent, US-9158538-B2: User-extensible rule-based source code modification patent, US-9221785-B2: Salt and photoresist composition containing the same patent, US-9234811-B2: Magnetoelastic torque sensor patent, US-9291147-B2: Sail-based electrical generation system and method patent, US-9310049-B2: Lighting system for growing plants patent, US-9365850-B2: Methods and compositions for the specific inhibition of MYC by double-stranded RNA patent, US-9369869-B2: Method and system for automatic logon support without manual input of credentials patent, US-9421630-B2: Methods and apparatus for improved low current AC/DC TIG welding and starting patent, US-9439615-B2: System for non-invasive classification of different types of micro-calcifications in human tissue patent, US-9441157-B2: Oxygen-absorbing compound encapsulated in a silica matrix and method for the production thereof patent, US-9469596-B2: Method for removing quaternary salt patent, US-9487518-B2: HIV inhibiting bicyclic pyrimidine derivatives patent, US-9512497-B2: Method for reducing slag patent, US-9517371-B1: Rack-mounted fire suppression system patent, US-9549260-B2: Headphones for stereo tactile vibration, and related systems and methods patent, US-9556871-B2: Liquid ring compressor patent, US-9579154-B2: Support device for percutaneous intervention patent, US-9586553-B2: Vehicle seat with side airbag and side bolster adjustment patent, US-9609053-B2: Method, apparatus and system for voice service access patent, US-9631784-B2: Recycled tire rubber barrier modular system patent, US-9674656-B2: Wireless-based localization using a zonal framework patent, US-9674767-B2: Method and apparatus for forming a tiered wireless local area network (WLAN) server topology patent, US-9676592-B2: Traction elevator rope movement sensor system patent, US-9678932-B2: Method and apparatus for extracting body on web page patent, US-9689761-B2: Torque sensor and electric power steering system patent, US-9693005-B2: Electric apparatus and an operation method thereof patent, US-9721600-B2: Apparatus, systems and processes for reducing a hard disk drive's access time and concomitant power optimization patent, US-9730194-B2: Terminal, base station, communications system, and communication method patent, US-9820017-B2: Subsea connector with data collection and communication system and method patent, US-9847615-B2: Method and arrangement for spectral broadening of laser pulses for non-linear pulse compression patent, US-9887046-B2: Graphene composites and methods of making and using the same patent, US-8708410-B2: Slider seat for aircraft patent, US-8724274-B2: Power distribution systems and methods of operating a power distribution system patent, US-8765831-B2: Photocurable resin composition patent, US-8767430-B2: Configurable module and memory subsystem patent, US-8772586-B2: Soybean variety S100302 patent, US-8782379-B2: H.264 video decoder CABAC core optimization techniques patent, US-8795589-B1: Bio-based volatile corrosion inhibitors patent, US-8821205-B2: Low-drag fin and foil system for surfboards patent, US-8831953-B2: Systems and methods for filtering objectionable content patent, US-8843494-B1: Method and system for using keywords to merge document clusters patent, US-5520253-A: Custom assembled equipment for landscaping patent, US-8856902-B2: User authentication via mobile communication device with imaging system patent, US-8873840-B2: Reducing false detection rate using local pattern based post-filter patent, US-8888230-B2: Fluid ejecting apparatus patent, US-8949111-B2: System and method for identifying phrases in text patent, US-8957755-B2: Multi-layer blade fuse and the manufacturing method thereof patent, US-8981655-B2: Power conversion and control systems and methods for solid-state lighting patent, US-9052660-B2: Image forming apparatus detecting occurrence of jam patent, US-9065768-B2: Apparatus for a high performance and highly available multi-controllers in a single SDN/OpenFlow network patent, US-9068316-B2: Method and apparatus for elevating a marine platform patent, US-9068369-B1: Swimming pool water leveler patent, US-9074159-B2: Process for improving a re-refined lube oil stream patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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